CareDocs originated in 2008 when two care home managers found that the demands on them to manage all the aspects of a care home could be reduced by greater use of technology.

They developed a computerised system that improved efficiency by removing the need to check up on many of the routine tasks as automatic reminders ensured that they were always aware of what needed to be done.

They also designed and built an innovative approach to care planing which used a comprehensive series of questions to complete an assessment and then used this information to automatically generate a care plan.

In the early stages, a few local care homes expressed an interest in the system and word quickly spread about the benefits to care home managers. Within a short space of time more and more care homes became committed CareDocs users and hence the company was truly established.

The company continues to grow and prosper. With almost 400 care homes using CareDocs on a daily basis a great deal of effort is directed to keep the program up to date with current legislation and standards. Customer feedback is highly valued as this drives the development of new and exciting features that keeps CareDocs at the forefront of care home management software.

Our ethos

This section of our website details the principles and policies that underpin Care Management Systems Ltd’s approach to how we conduct our business.

The Directors of Care Management Systems Ltd have developed several principles which will apply in the company’s dealings with customers and the wider community. These are detailed below.

Safety, Health and the Environment

We have a proactive approach to Safety, Health and the Environment, and are committed to the highest practicable standards of safety and health management and ensuring any adverse impacts on the environment are minimised wherever possible.

Human Resources

Our employment policies are non-discriminatory, complying with all current legislation to engender equal opportunity, irrespective of race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation or nationality. Harassment in any form is not tolerated.

Ethical Standards

Care Management Systems Ltd is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity, and expects all staff to maintain high standards.

It is vital that we conduct our business at a level where our actions cannot be questioned. The Care Management Systems Ltd reputation is built on our values as a company, the values of our employees, and our collective commitment to acting at all times with integrity.

Compliance with Laws

Care Management Systems Ltd has systems in place designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and conformity with all relevant codes of business practice.


Care Management Systems Ltd aims to win business in a differentiated high value manner. We do not employ unfair trading methods and we do not condone any activity which might in any way unfairly restrict the level of competition expected by our customers.

Conflicts of Interest

Our employees are expected to ensure that their personal interests do not at any time conflict with those of Care Management Systems Ltd.


Care Management Systems Ltd does not make political donations.

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