caredocs mobile

Add daily notes to your residents' care records without having to return to your CareDocs computer.

Utilising smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones, the CareDocs Mobile system will encourage more timely care recording by carers as it removes the need to return to a computer.

Provided there is access to the Internet (either by wi-fi or a 3G connection) the users can connect to the CareDocs Mobile application and enter care notes on any of the home's residents.

Future developments will also allow users to update health monitoring charts quickly and easily with CareDocs Mobile.

For a more detailed explanation of how it works please see the information below.

CareDocs Mobile explained


One of the main reasons that carers give for not recording more information about the care given to a resident is a lack of time to return to a CareDocs computer to add a note.

CareDocs Mobile removes that need as it allows access to the CareDocs system via any internet-enabled device. This means that they can have instant access to add notes in a timely fashion with the minimum of disruption to their routine.

Typically, homes using this system have seen an improvement in both the volume and standards of care recording notes.

CareDocs Mobile in use

Once they have logged in using a unique password, the carer can add a daily note to their resident's records in a matter of seconds.

This is how the system works:


CareDocs Mobile

1. The carer enters the details of the daily note on their internet-enabled device.

2. The data is sent to the CareDocs Datacentre via a secure internet connection.

3. The care home’s server computer contacts the CareDocs Datacentre at regular intervals to see if there are any new notes from carers. The daily note information is sent to the home’s server and is deleted from the CareDocs Datacentre. The text then appears in the relevant resident’s records.



Take a look at the advantages


CareDocs Mobile

tick Time saving - daily notes can be added by carers as they complete tasks

tick Easy access - there is no limit on the number of carers that can use the system at any one time

tick Improved records - by making it a simple process, carers are more likely to add information and be able to make more detailed reports

tick Integrated technology - any device that has a web browser can be used to input daily notes (includes Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry)



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