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Sometimes called daily progress notes or daily occurrences, the Daily Notes section within CareDocs enables users to record in detail every event that happens to the residents within the care home.

As well as creating a full record of everyone's activities, CareDocs enables to analyse the data in a menaingful way.

For example, no longer do carers have to manually trawl through months of records to show how often a resident has taken a bath or been on an outing. With just a few clicks of the mouse CareDocs filters all the records to show you exactly what you want - especially useful when you need the information urgently.

CareDocs also provides a quick and easy way to record and analyse residents' emotional response to the care they receive.

What can be recorded in daily notes?

CareDocs provides the facility to record and store as much information about the daily events that your residents experience.

Users can add categories to the default list so the information recorded is tailored to fit each home's activities and routines.

Event type

As well as addresses and all other contact details, you can record CRB and references data.
Managers can reset user passwords if they are forgotten or have been compromised.

Detailed event information

Virtually every aspect of an event can be captured and added to the system.

As well as the type of event, full details can be added by the carer and other important information such as date, time and location are automatically included - all of these are editable by the user.

Emotion mapping

Whenever an event is added to the system, carers can capture the resident's emotional response with a single click of the mouse.

This process - which takes no more than a second for each event - builds into a comprehensive report that gives an instant visual representation for all the event types over a given period.


Information download

DownloadClick here to download a sample Emotion Mapping analysis report (pdf 886Kb)
(date range options are available in the full program)

Take a look at the advantages


Daily notes

tick Safe - all important information is stored securely

tick Time saving - adding notes can be done remotely (see CareDocs Mobile) and take less time than traditional paper records

tick Better standards - by making the process simpler, carers have more time to concentrate on the contents of each note and records become much more comprehensive

tick Easy to retrieve - any of the information can be found quickly and easily

tick Fully printable - a variety of reports allow you to print out the information you require in a clear and legible format

tick Professional - all records are formatted to include your home's logo and contact details



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