care planning

Managing the paperwork required to meet current standards is always a problem and difficult to keep up to date.

A range of the most common forms used in care homes is included and we're always adding to these as the demands of homes and governing bodies change.

CareDocs makes form-filling a breeze and the completed documentation can be printed or stored as required. This is a particularly attractive feature for those care homes who are looking to reduce the amount of paperwork that is generated in the care planning process.

What documentation is included in CareDocs?

There is a range of forms included as standard; these cover both residents' and the care home's needs.

Residents' forms

Some of the forms available:

Advance care plan

Advance decision

Bed rails assessment

Behaviour record

Care review

Consent for photography

Daily turning record

Fluid balance & stool chart

Food and nutrition monitoring

Incident report

Life story

Personal belongings

Physical intervention sheet

Pre-admission assessment

Accident/Incident report

Self-medication risk assessment

Daily repositioning record

Wound care record

Care home forms

General risk assessment

Lunch choices

PPE inspections

Post-restraint debrief

TILE assessment

Monitoring charts

There are monitoring charts covering the following areas. These not only record the relevant data but also automatically chart the results.


Heart rate

Blood pressure




Epileptic seizure

Pain assessment


Oxygen saturation

Timed Up & Go Test

Take a look at the advantages


Home documentation

tick Time saving - all information is recorded in a standardised format enabling fast input

tick Security - all records are stored securely within CareDocs and you decide who can have access to the information

tick Peace of mind - by having the forms easily accessible carers will be able to complete the relevant documentation as soon they need to



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