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If you've always wanted to have an assistant that constantly checks your care records to ensure that everything's up to date then CareDocs could be just what you're looking for.

CareDocs’ unique Home Status page gathers information from every part of the system and bring it together in one place, using a traffic light system to highlight anything that requires your attention.

An invaluable tool for all care home managers, it will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is at it should be with no embarrassing omissions when you next have an inspection.

What's shown on the Home Status page?

The Home Status page contains a great deal of information in various categories so you can make sense of it at a glance.

Any information that is missing or requires updating is highlighted and presented in such a way that it any user can instantly identify the action to be taken.

This can save valuable time as the need to manually check all information is eliminated.

Upcoming events and reminders

All future home events, residents' birthdays and other things to remember are shown here.


Checks that all information is up to date in the following areas:

Care plans

Personal information

Residents' journals and daily notes

Essential contacts

Chart monitoring records


Personal information

Training records


Passwords requiring update

Records and administration

Daily menu

Daily checks (e.g fridge temperature)

Equipment records (e.g. electric hoist servicing)


System backups

CareDocs license

Version updates


Information download

DownloadClick here to download a sample Home Status page (pdf 164Kb)

Take a look at the advantages


Home Status page

tick Time saving - you will instantly see what information needs attention and thus removes the need to check those records that are already up to date

tick Peace of mind - you will never have to worry about missing, outdated or incomplete records at your next inspection

tick System reminders - you are automatically alerted to new updates to CareDocs so you can always benefit from new features



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