care planning

CareDocs holds every detail about your residents - past and present - with each resident having their own care file.

Accessing the care files couldn't be easier as a photograph is displayed next to their name making it easy to identify them quickly.

All the information is filed under logical categories (see below for more details) so you'll be able to find whatever you're looking for quickly. Updating the information is a simple process - even for inexperienced computer users!

A unique feature is the emergency admission pack which is available for each resident. With one click you can access a pack that contains all the important information you need when a resident is admitted to hospital.

Any of the information can be printed out as required but many homes find it more convenient to access the information directly from a CareDocs computer.

What information can be stored?

All the information about each resident is filed under various headings so it is easier to find.

This is just a brief summary of the information that can be stored within CareDocs:


This section is used to build the front page for the care file.
It contains the resident's names (including any preferred names) together with their address, a photograph and the name of their keyworker.

Personal details

More extensive personal details are contained within this section.
Date of birth, marital status, religion, nationality are all recorded along with extensive details about the resident's personal appearance.
A list of any allergies is also held here.


A list of all contacts - both emergency and non-emergency - can be maintained within this section.
Emergency contacts are automatically filtered and included in the emergency admission pack making it much easier to access this information when you need it most.

Forms & documentation

An array of the most common forms covering everything from 'Advance Care Plan' to 'Wound Care Record' are available.
These forms can be completed on screen and stored within each resident's records for printing or future retrieval.

Body map

Body map occurrences can be recorded and tracked through CareDocs. You can monitor the resident's progress and the system will automatically generate reminders to ensure that you keep the records updated.
As well as a graphical representation of the occurrence, you can add extensive details, nursing care notes as well as photographs in the wound care records.


As well as being able to keep an accurate record of all current medication prescribed to a resident, CareDocs also maintians historical medication data which can be accessed immediately.
A dictionary of the most common drugs is included, saving you time when entering new records and eradicating spelling errors.


This section has a collection of charts to monitor all aspects of a resident's health; from weight and blood pressure to glucose levels and pain assessment.
As well as recording the data, each record is presented in a graph and some calculations such as BMI are added automatically.
The monitoring period can be set on an individual basis and CareDocs will produce reminders to make sure that all records are updated on time.


Take a look at the advantages


Residents records

tick Safe - all important information is stored securely

tick Easy to retrieve - any of the information can be found quickly and easily

tick Fully printable - a variety of reports allow you to print out the information you require in a clear and legible format

tick Professional - all records are formatted to include your home's logo and contact details

tick Digital format - images from the digital camera can be included to provide a rich source of information



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