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We provide training resources to both customers and non-customers.

Some workshops are designed purely to help existing customers get more from their CareDocs system but others are more general and designed for anyone who is working in the care sector.

We are developing other training events and will publish them on this page in due course. Please revisit from time to time to see if there's something that may benefit you.


WebinarThis is a new and exciting way that we can offer short training sessions to all our customers.

If you’ve not seen a webinar before then it’s simply a live presentation/lecture/workshop/seminar that’s transmitted over the internet using video conferencing software.

You go to a web page at a predetermined date and time and you can watch the seminar on your computer. There is the facility for visitors to ask questions by typing on the screen and the presenter can then answer in real time so it has all the benefits of a traditional training session without the need to travel anywhere.

You can watch on any device that can access a web page - tablet, smartphone etc. - and the best news is that they're completely free!

If you'd like to know more about webinars, have a look at this web page


2018 Webinar Schedule

Please find below a list of our 2018 regular monthly webinars. Additional webinars may be added to this list as and when there are updates to CareDocs, and webinars may be cancelled if there is limited take-up. If this happens however you will be notified and offered remote training instead. For continuity’s sake all of our standard webinars are at 14:30 on a Tuesday, each webinar will typically last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Tuesday 6th February 14:30


This webinar will go through the full life-cycle of a Bodymap showing you how to;
- Add new Bodymaps
- Set reminders
- Update Bodymaps
- Add Photographs
- End Bodymaps
- Find historic Bodymaps
- Add admission Bodymaps

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Tuesday 6th March 14:30

Updating an Individuals’ Forms and Charts

This webinar will look at;
- How to set form reminders
- How to add and update ‘Stay’ forms
- How to add and update ‘day’ forms
- How to use ‘cumulative’ forms
- How to use ‘cumulative’ forms on CareDocs Mobile
- How to switch to using cumulative forms
- How to add chart information like weights and temperatures
- How to set Chart reminders
- How to add chart readings on CareDocs Mobile

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Tuesday 10th April 14:30

Care Planning in CareDocs (Creating and Updating Care Plans and Assessments)

This webinar will look at;
- Completing an assessment
- How to do a limited assessment for respite care
- Understanding the Assessment symbols key
- Creating a Draft Care Plan
- Checking over and evaluating the Care Plan
- Setting the reminder period
- Updating and reviewing Care Plans
- Understanding the warnings that come up
- Stopping CareDocs from replacing personalised text
- Finding previous versions of sections / Care Plans

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Tuesday 15th May 14:30

CareDocs Reports

This webinar will look at some of the useful reports available in CareDocs and exploring how you and your staff can use them, including;
- Accident Incident Observation report
- Assessment Update Data
- The Birthday List
- Care Assessment Statistics
- Emotion Mapping Analysis
- Event report
- Form Analysis
- GP Contact List
- Handover Report
- Multi-Detail Report
- Weight Change Report

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Tuesday 5th June 14:30

Tips, Tricks and FAQ’s

This webinar will look at some of the useful tricks suggested by CareDocs colleagues and other customers as well as looking at some of the common questions we are asked at CareDocs.

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Webinars for September, October and November will be announced in the summer. Please note we do not run webinars over the core summer or winter months.

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questions?You will be able to find a great deal of information about CareDocs on this website.

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